Tuesday, May 24, 2005

And you better swallow...

I guess it was bound to happen eventually. I have finally had a bad Ebay experience.

I won an auction for a tablet pc from a company called Recoupit.com. The auction requested that I use their online checkout form ( rather than Ebay's) and I did. I paid for the laptop within hours of the auction ending.

A week later I received the laptop. They sent the wrong power supply and no tablet pen, two things that tend to come in handy when trying to operate an electric tablet pc. So, I emailed them and requested that they overnight the missing parts. They refused to overnight and I waited another seven days. During the wait, I discovered that they had also included the wrong driver disk. I also got an "unpaid item" notification from Ebay which stated that Recoupit had reported to them that I never paid for the laptop! I sent an email to Recoupit and told them to please straighten out Ebay.

Finally I got the parts and booted my new laptop only to discover that the wi-fi didn't work. Well, that was enough for me. I boxed up the laptop and sent it back. Recoupit refunded my money to my card and I am out about $60 in shipping.

Today I got another email from Ebay saying that I am getting an "unpaid strike" from Recoupit!

I'm not worried about Ebay since I have the emails and credit card statements to prove I paid for the item. I'm just furious over the extreme lack of good business sense displayed by Recoupit. If I sold something and shipped it without the correct parts I would immediately overnight the correct parts to the customer! Oh, and I also wouldn't lie about the payment to Ebay!!

Suck it, Recoupit!


Anonymous said...

I to got screwed by recoupit. My 12 yr old wanted a MP3 player he could afford, so he watched ebay looking for one to buy, finally he found one and asked me to bid on it for him, he won the bid. So off I went to the Post Office to get a money order and to mail it to recoupit. A few days later I got an email stating that the order status is "Payment Cleared" and the date and time that the order was shipped via UPS. Several days went by but the item still had not arrived, so I checked with UPS, and they informed me that recoupit had canceled the shipping order 24 hrs after making it (and informing us that it had been shipped). When I finally heard from recoupit at first they claimed that the order was cancelled due to non-payment. I sent them a copy of the "Order Status" they had originally sent to me, and the emailed me back stating that the item was out of stock and that they had credited the money back to my credit card. That would be fine except that I paid with a MONEY ORDER!!! It was about a month before I got a check back from them, but it was minus the cost of shipping. Why did they keep the shipping cost when they claimed they didn't send it because the item was out of stock? So I left them a negative report on ebay. To which they replied that I was a non paying customer. To which I responded, if I was a non paying customer then why did you send me a refund? At which time got in touch with Square Trade to settle the issue. Well finally it was decided that we both would withdraw our negative comments about each other and they would refund the shipping cost. Well as of today 7/29/05 it is about 3 months since the agreement and I have yet to be refunded the shipping charges. I just want to warn anyone who is thinking about doing business with recoupit to think verrrrry long and hard about doing so. They will never see my money again.

11:53 PM  

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