Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Disappointment abounds

I surf other blogs quite a bit, always looking for that rare genius on the web (like dooce). Mostly I'm disappointed and my disappointment falls into two categories.

First, I joined blogclicker in the hope that I would find some cool blogs and get some traffic to my own. There really aren't that many good blogs out there. This morning I only made it through three clicks before I quit.

First Click: A vitamin store.
Second Click: A man begging for money so he can pay for his sex-change operation.
Third Click: A man selling self-help crap.

Of the three, the sex-change beggar was the best because, rather than ask for money, he was asking for flatware that he could sell. You gotta give the guys stones (or in this case, take them away) for going the flatware route because people just love to send silverware through the mail to strangers.

Second, despite the fact that almost every blog I visit sucks, they all have more traffic than me! While I am perfectly aware that I'm no John Steinbeck or Dave Barry, I like to think that I am at least as good as some of the blogs I read. But, if that were true, wouldn't the people who write those blogs want to read mine? Apparently not. The simple fact is that despite what people say about writing blogs "for myself," everyone wants readers, otherwise we would just be scribbling in little notebooks piled in a heap by the bed like literary Ted Kazinskys.

Of course, there's also the possibility that other writers have more traffic because they cultivate relationships and friendships on the web, where as I tend to find most people boring and annoying, in that order, followed soon after by the general realization that they are idiots.

Nah, that's not it.


Ashley said...

Most good blogs are passed up. At least someone besides you sister and your best friend have seen your site!:)

11:07 PM  

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