Wednesday, May 18, 2005


This won't be funny, so you can skip it if you like...

Please, for the love of God, learn something before you send out that mass political email!

I have recently received an email from my cousin, perhaps you've seen it, it contains a speech that the sender would like to hear an American President make. It talks about pulling out of Nato and Nafta and cutting off foreign aid to any country that doesn't support us in Iraq. It complains about Canada and Mexico and tells them to shape up. It has a really good part about towing diplomat's cars in New York for unpaid parking tickets.

You see this sort of email all the time, or you hear it from friends. People love to make sweeping statements about America's place in the world without any knowledge whatsoever of the facts. It's annoying to someone as God-awful intelligent as I am, believe me.

For the benefit of the gentle reader who thinks that we are still living in the 50's, let me lay a few facts on you. Most of them will be true:

1. We need Mexico. Without cheap Mexican labor we would be paying $5 for an apple.
2. We need Canada. Did you know that 25% of our oil comes from Canada?
3. There's not that much oil in Alaska. Did you know that if we raised the standards on all tires to the level that is required on tires that come on a new vehicle we would save more oil than is in the Alaskan Preserve?
4. We need foreign aid programs. In the long run it is much cheaper to give money to those countries than to have to deal with the results if we don't. War, famine, disease... they will all come to our shores eventually if we don't do something to stop them early. Seriously, if we had poured $400 billion dollars into toppling Saddam in 3 years, rather than going to war, don't you think we could have done it? I'll never understand why Americans are reluctant to send money overseas unless it involves killing American soldiers. Burn this fact into your brain: Nothing is more expensive than war.
5. We need foreign governments, even the ones that don't support the Iraq agenda. We started a war without the money to pay for it so we have been borrowing like crazy. Japan alone owns 20% of our national debt. All they would have to do to send our economy into a tailspin is divest themselves of their U.S. Government bonds. My point is this: If you want to cut off ties with other countries, it's a good idea to not owe them a shitload of money. Of course, that would mean higher taxes at home and we can't have that.
6. America is dependent on foreign manufacturing. Did you know that 60% of Wal-Mart's merchandise is made overseas? If Barbie Dolls were made here they would cost $50. The good life we have here, cheap food, cheap products, etc, is all dependent on the poor countries that we support through foreign aid and manufacturing.

Okay, enough ranting. Oh, one more thing:

The Democrats are lying to you about Social Security. See earlier post


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