Sunday, May 22, 2005

Review: National Treasure

About 20 minutes into the movie, two different groups succeed in breaking into the National Archives and stealing the Declaration of Independence. They use two entirely different plans, and both plans were concocted only three days prior. The fabric of reality was stretched so thin while watching this movie that I used it for a coffee filter.

Still, you expect that sort of thing in a movie of this type and to be honest, it was actually a fun ride. The movie was interesting start to finish and full of action. I particularly liked that Nicholas Cage's character refused to slide into a stereotypical action star kind of thing. He never went too far in any direction be it macho, witty, coward, whatever. Had it been a lesser actor than Cage I would have written it off a lackluster performance but I'm sure he meant to play the guy kind of even-keeled. It's really what saved the movie.

I give it a 3.5 (out of 5)


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