Friday, May 27, 2005

Review: Star Wars 3

If the last two movies were huge, steaming piles of shit, then this one is smaller and less distasteful... like rabbit shit.

The dialogue is dreadful, the acting is horrible (which is tough to do when you have really good actors) and the movie is so intent on keeping the action going that it ignores all emotion. Let me re-phrase: It doesn't ignore emotion, it just does a really bad job of showing it. My favorite part was when Anakin goes to the Jedi Temple and kills a bunch of children who we have never seen before! Gee, you might want to spend a few minutes on some backstory before committing the most monstrous act imaginable! The movie treats it as if it were a traffic violation! Obi-Wan says, "I can't kill Anakin, he's like a brother." Yea, a brother who murders children!!

The last 10 minutes is good, although I was amazed by what appears to be a regression in medical technology in the Star Wars universe. Anakin looses both legs and an arm as well as getting burned over 75% of his body (what's left) and an hour later he's got new limbs and is walking around talking like James Earl Jones. Twenty years later when Luke has a bad night in the cold on Hoth, they stick him in a bacta-tank for a day.

My only other continuity complaint is the fact that Obi-Wan claims to not know who R2-D2 is in Star Wars 4 after having spent Star Wars 1-3 hanging out with the droid. Just annoying.


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