Friday, May 13, 2005

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I've decided to be one of those care-givers who allows the children to watch TV and play video games from a very young age. Not so much because I feel that it stimulates the child but because it gives me a much needed break from parenting hell.

Samantha has developed a fondness for The Wiggles, an Australian show featuring four very gay men who sing gay songs and just sit around being gay and stuff ( song titles like I am a Dancer and Fruit Salad only lend credence to my theory of gayness ). Pick any song that has ever appeared on Sesame Street and it will be 10 times better than any Wiggles song ever written.

After The Wiggles we watch Shanna's Show which is not so much a show as a three-minute little cartoon skit for retarded children. Shanna sings a little song ( which, by the way, is better than any Wiggles song ever ) and gives three clues as to what her profession is. For example, yesterday her first clue showed her standing in front of a blackboard with a ruler and singing about grading papers. They could save a lot of money on testing by just showing this episode to every kid in elementary school because any kid who didn't guess "teacher" after the first clue could be strapped on the short bus and driven straight to special class.

If any of my children ever have to wait for the second clue I'm taking then straight to a professional. If they make it to the third clue I'll be forced to kill them to prevent them from ever breeding.


Ashley said...

Whats better than sitting through hours of The Wiggles,Shanna's mini music video Aka The Shanna Show, and JoJo's circus is when you get the theme song sutck in your head all day and when you go to have a normal conversation with some over 2 all you can think of is "JoJo. JoJo's Circus." over and over again.

11:41 PM  

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