Tuesday, June 07, 2005

All Done

We've been teaching Samantha "baby sign language." So far she's figured out how to do the sign for "more," "Daddy," and "bath," but by far her favorite one is "All done."

"All done" is actually the first thing she learned to say and now it's become her general catch-all phrase, appropriate to any occasion. The changing table, which used to be her favorite place, is now a living hell for baby Sam. As soon as possible she will sit up, look you straight in the eye and say, "All done." What makes it so cute is that she looks right at you with a perfectly straight face. It's obvious that she knows exactly what she is saying and expects you to follow her instructions.

The versatile "All done" also gets used anytime she is unhappy. My personal favorite was the time she fell and bumped her head. She immediately sat up and started chanting, "All done, all done, all done!" as if to say, I've really had enough of this "bumping my head" shit!


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