Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Beat Goes On Vol. 1

I finally finished loading most of my CD's into the computer. And I thought it might be nice to put a song on the Boolog from time to time. This way, when I'm long gone, my kids can get some idea of what good songwriting is and why I liked it.

I'll admit that I never paid much attention to Dire Straits when I was growing up. I knew "Sultans of Swing" and "Twisting by the Pool," but never owned any of their albums. That changed in 1985 with the release of "Brothers in Arms" and the single "Money for Nothing." Suddenly, everyone knew who they were and "Money" became the most popular song of the year. After that smash success you would expect a quick follow-up album to ride the wave of popularity. Dire Straits waited six years before releasing another album.

The album, "On Every Street" is as good as it's predecessor, maybe better. Mark Knopfler's songwriting is top-notch, and really shines on a song called "My Parties." I'm a big fan of songwriters who write in first-person from the perspective of someone else. Randy Newman is probably the best at this in the world but Mark Knopfler has his moments as well. Listening to this song you instantly get a picture of the self-important host, mingling at his party, showing off his house.

It's getting a trifle colder - step inside my home
that's a brass toilet tissue holder with its own telephone
that's a musical doorbell - it don't ring, I ain't kiddin'
it plays America the Beautiful and Tie a Yellow Ribbon
So, give this song a listen and then listen a few more times. If you don't grow to love it when Knopfler sings, "Hi, how are you," then you're a cretin.


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