Saturday, June 04, 2005

Hey lady!

The baby is talking more each day. This week she started saying, "Big Bird" ("bi-bu!") because Bobbi likes to point out the picture of Big Bird on her diaper when she's changing her. (That's the baby's diaper, not Bobbi's. Bobbi's diaper has Elmo on it). "All Done" continues to be her favorite phrase and the one that she articulates the best. She has become very good at using it in different situations. When she is done with her milk she will say, "All Done." When she closes a book she says, "All Done." My favorite, by far, is when she falls down and hurts herself and starts crying and chanting, "All Done, All Done, All Done," as if to say, "I've really had enough of this falling down shit!"

The other recent change has been in her random mumbling. Where as she used to sort of drone on like a power drill, she is now using more inflection in her rambling. It's like having a little baby Jerry Lewis in the back of the car whenever we go for a ride. Actually, it reminds me of the scene in "Seinfield" where George is at the unemployment office trying to stall for time and he starts imitating Jose Jiminez. That's an obscure reference I know but it's exactly what I thought of today when Sam started mumbling.


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