Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I take my crack black, please.

I was talking to Don the Mon yesterday about technology and how far we've come in such a short time. When I graduated High School (1982), there was no such thing as a cordless telephone, now we have cell phones. Computers only existed in government institutions, I'm typing this on a laptop with a wireless internet connection.

The thing that we are both eager to see in the next 20 years is the rise of full-3D gaming. I believe that within a few decades you will be able to put on special glasses and headphones and enter a gameworld. Imagine Everquest or World of Warcraft where you are in the game. Dennis Miller once said, "The day that the average Joe can sit at home, put on a helmet and fuck Claudia Schiffer is gonna make crack look like Sanka. I agree. We will not soon see a 3-D experience where we can feel things but we will see it develop to the point where we can enter the game and close out all outside stimulation. Don pointed out that when that happens the game will become reality and the real world just somplace you go to eat, sleep and work. Imagine the people who would love to be able to spend every spare minute in a fantasy world where they are powerful and important and are free to make over their self-image in any way they please. It'll happen sooner than you think.

I guess what I'm leading up to is this: What sort of game world would you enjoy? For me, as obvious as it seems, I would want a fantasy/medieval game. Something like World of Warcraft where I could explore the world and engage in grand adventures. I'm still a kid at heart with the imagination that goes with it.


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