Friday, June 24, 2005

Now in convenient family size!

Samantha is going through some sort of transitional phase, in that she is transitioning from being a normal baby to being the hell-spawned child of Satan.

She no longer wants to take naps at all. After I put her down she screams for up to 20 minutes before finally deciding to nap for an hour, if that. All I need is one hour. Just one hour a day so that I can take a shit and workout (two things that I really hate to go a day without doing).

Milk, which used to be her favorite thing in the whole world, is now poison to her. Today I tried to hand her some and she backed away from me like I was offering her a turd on a stick (that's not entirely accurate as I'm sure she would take a turd on a stick if I offered her one, as long as it wasn't disguised as milk. Hmmm, Turd-on-a-Stick!).


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