Monday, June 27, 2005

Random bitching

My new laptop has a built-in memory card reader which is great because now I can just take the memory card out of my Canon Digital Camera and slap it right in the side of the machine to upload my pictures.

Only I can't.

The memory card that my Canon uses is too large for the card reader so I have to use a cord to plug in the camera.

I also have a Treo 600 mobile phone which has an mp3 player built in. I bought a 256mb card for the phone so that I could hold lots of songs. The card is not compatible with my Nikon camera.

I have an older Olympus camera with a few memory cards as well. These cards are not compatible with the Nikon or the phone.

I have an mp3 player that takes memory cards. I would love to add some memory to it but, that's right, it takes a different card than the Nikon, the phone and the Olympus.

I have the same issue with USB connections. The cords that connect my mp3 player, camera, phone and video recorder all have different connections.

You know what we need? Incompatible money.

"Here's my money for yet another device which requires specific memory and cords. Now, this money is only compatible with certain types of cash registers so if you don't have that type you'll need an adapter..."


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