Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Throw me some beads...

I went to lunch today with my parents and sister. I try to do lunch with the family at least once a week, not out of any strong need to see my folks but more because everyone dotes on Samantha, giving me a chance to eat in peace for a change. We ate at Cracker Barrell, which is like Mecca for old people. Every time we go there, Samantha gets tons of attention. Senior citizens relate to Sam because, like them, she drools, can't control her bowels and goes to bed at seven o'clock.

As we left Cracker Barrel, my parents pulled up beside me in their car at the light. First, they rolled down their window so they could try to wave to the baby. Then they started shouting, "Bye Sam!" in the sing-song voice that they use whenever they are around her. Then, when my Mother realized that she couldn't see the baby because they were in a car and I was in a SUV, she turned around on her seat and stood up with her head sticking out of the sunroof. They say that babies make you feel young again. Well, my mother is 65 years old and today I witnessed her acting like a freshman in Daytona during spring break. Thank God I didn't have two babies in the car or I swear she would have flashed me.


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