Thursday, July 21, 2005

Beam Me Up, God...

James Doohan, who played "Scotty" on Star Trek, is dead.

I always liked James Doohan, mostly because when William Shatner wrote his book, Doohan was the only member of the cast to refuse him an interview. Basically, he told Shatner he was a prick and he could stuff his book. To Shatner's credit, he wrote about the refusal in the book, unafraid to let everyone know that the crew of the Enterprise thought their captain was a dick.

For the record, he's the second member of the cast to go (DeForrest Kelly was first). Doohan died of pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease. He was Canadian. He was wounded on D-Day as an infantryman and later returned to battle as a fighter pilot.

I don't normally eulogize every dead celebrity but I was such a huge Star Trek fan as a kid. Back in the days before cable, when we all read by candlelight and made our own soap, there were only a few daily shows that were aimed at kids (two, actually, Star Trek and Gilligan's Island), so we watched them over and over. Today, people love to make fun of Trekkies, those poor, misguided people who still cling to the most popular television franchise of all time and I would guess, second most popular movie franchise (behind James Bond). I'm proud to say that I loved the shows and saw all the movies. I'm proud to be a Trekkie.

Rest in peace, Scotty.


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