Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm so sure...

Remember a few weeks ago there was a story about Russell Crowe throwing a phone at a desk clerk? The story was that Crowe had been trying to call Australia and something wasn't working so he went downstairs and threw a phone at the desk clerk, further proving that actors are all temperamental babies. Today I discovered that in all the stories I read about the incident, there was one word that got left out and that one word makes all the difference in the story. That one word makes me wish that Russell Crowe had beat the shit out of the guy.

One word.

Right now you're probably saying, "What the hell difference does one word make? What word could be so bad that it would justify having a phone thrown at you?"

Let me set the scene:
Russell Crowe is sitting in his expensive hotel room in New York City. It's 4 a.m. and he's trying to call his family in Australia. Because of the time difference, he has to call late at night so, unlike me when I was in New Orleans last weekend, he can't just ring up the wife while taking a dump in the men's room at Harrah's. Unfortunately for Russell, something was wrong and he couldn't get through to his family, so he called downstairs and spoke to the (soon to be hit by a phone) desk clerk. When the desk clerk was unable to solve the problem, Russell got upset and again voiced how important it was for him to reach his family. It was at this point that the desk clerk uttered the one word that sent Russell Crowe downstairs to kick some desk clerk ass.

What was the word?


In a perfect world, the desk clerk would sue, Crowe would go to court and win. All he'd need is a few jurors with teenage kids and he'd walk for sure.


Michele said...

"This is my United States of Whatever!" Just makes you wanna go all Judge Judy on his butt! I never saw anywhere that had it quoted that the guy said "Whatever" back to him. The press wants Russell Crowe to be the hollywood bad boy so much that they won't give him an inch for being human.

11:53 PM  

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