Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Is it just me?

I touched on this with the GTA: San Andreas post last week but it's reared it's head again, this time on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Jon's guest was Rick Santorum who's probably best known for being the tool who's pushing the gay marriage ban. During the interview he talked about popular culture and it's harmful affects on children. Stewart said: (paraphrasing) "So you think it might not be a good idea to have talking lizards sell beer?" To which Santorum replied, "No, I was thinking more along the lines of the Victoria Secret commercials."

I keep seeing this theme over and over again and I'm beginning to think that I'm alone in my belief of what is harmful to our children. What do you think is worse: An advertising campaign that uses cute little talking animals to sell alcohol or one that shows women in underwear? One is attractive to children and brings brand recognition at an early age to a product that is the #1 cause of motor vehicle accidents in this country...... the other gives teenage boys a boner and makes them want to fuck supermodels. While I believe an argument can be made for lessening deaths on the highway by scaling back youth exposure to alcohol advertising, I don't believe there is a force on this planet that will make teenage boys stop wanting to fuck supermodels.

People, it's not the sex and nudity that hurts us. It's the violence. Get over it.


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