Thursday, July 21, 2005

No Wire Hangers!!

Children are strange. First of all, they seem unaware that there is a certain protocol that comes with life, little rules we all obey without being told. For example, you rarely see an adult pull his pants down in the middle of Winn Dixie, unless, of course, he's really trying to show his displeasure with the produce selection. However, a child will do it for no reason other than "it's Tuesday." They don't follow the rules.

They also like to invent rules that make no sense. Samantha has done that recently with two items from the Tupperware cabinet. Usually, she is content to just pull everything out of the cabinet and distribute it about the floor but lately she has a new purpose. Every day she goes into the cabinet, pulls out the small scale and the plastic bottle and carries them over to the blue bench. Do not be fooled into thinking this is a random act, it is not. If you return the items to the cabinet while she is napping, she will put them back before the day is through. Part of me finds this incredibly cute and charming while the other part worries that she will one day be the roomate from hell who goes postal if the ketchup bottle isn't facing "label side out."

Time will tell.


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