Thursday, July 14, 2005

Our bass-ackward values

There was a story on the news tonight about GTA:San Andreas. It seems that there is a secret section of the game that allows you to get laid (actually, your in-game character gets laid. If it was you, how popular would that game be!?). Parents everywhere are all bent out of shape over this scene.

Now, I certainly understand why parents would get upset. I mean, if my kid was playing a game rated M (Mature) in which the main character is a criminal who sells drugs, steals cars and kills civilians (and cops!) with gusto, constantly being rewarded for his anti-social behavior, and there was a scene that showed a cartoon girl naked..... I'D LOSE IT. C'mon! Killing for profit is one thing but cartoon nudity!?!?! That crosses the line!!

Allow me to make a crazy suggestion: If your kid is too young to handle the emotional trauma of seeing two cartoon characters doing the nasty then he's definitely too young to be playing what is widely heralded as the most anti-social video game in existence.


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