Friday, July 01, 2005

Political Post, please ignore.

I was reading a conservative blog today and the guy had his panties in a wad over something Brian Williams said on the news last night. Some of the guys who were held hostage by the Iranians back in the 70's are convinced that the new Iranian President is one of their captors. Brian Williams, speaking to Andrea Mitchell, said this:

"What would it all matter if proven true? Someone brought up today the first several U.S. Presidents were certainly revolutionaries and might have been called 'terrorists' by the British Crown, after all."

Oh my God! That evil Brian Williams just called George Washington a terrorist!

Now, it only takes a shred of historical evidence and a smackeral of context to understand exactly what Brian was saying. Even if the new President was one of the captors, don't expect Iran to give a shit. The British Crown thought George Washington was a traitor and a rebel and it didn't stop us from making him Father of our Country. Why? Because we could care less what those tea-drinking crumpet-heads think about our leaders and guess what, The Iranians feel the same way about us.

Brian Williams did not call our founding fathers "terrorists." He simply pointed out that, as much as we may think it's a big deal, it's not a big deal to the country that elected the guy and if you need proof of that, look no further than our own beginnings.


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