Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Summer Reading List

Yesterday I was reading a website that was taking applications for writers. I have no intention of applying but I did indulge in a short fantasy where I got the job and became a famous internet scribe. Then, I was wildly fucked by a set of triplets ( hey, it's my fantasy..). Anyway, one of the things that the website was requesting of it's applicants was a list of the magazines they read. When I started putting that list together in my head I realized that I subscribe to a shit-load of magazines (side-note: one of the reasons I will never be a famous writer is that famous writer tend to shy away from expressions like "shit-load." they're loss). Below is a list of my magazines with reasons for reading:

Esquire: If I could only read one magazine, this would be the one. The writing is just superb.
Playboy: I'm close to dropping this one because they are starting to be more like Maxim (less good writing, more stupid attempts at humor) and yes, I'd still read it even if they took out the pictures.
Premiere: I just started reading this again recently but I'm not sure if I'll continue because it covers a lot of the same stuff as:
Entertainment Weekly: Helps me keep Netflix loaded with good films.
Newsweek: I like it over Time because of the quotes page and the "My Turn" essay.
The New Yorker: Worth it for the cartoons alone but also has great stories where they will profile something I know nothing about.
PC Gamer: I love computer games but don't play much anymore. I read this so I can pretend that I still have a life that is my own.
GQ: Like Playboy, I get close to dropping this and then they will have a great issue.
PC Magazine and PC World: Stay up to date on all things PC.
Mental Floss: A magazine for information junkies, custom made for me.


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