Friday, August 05, 2005

Dr. Phil = Hack

Here's an example of a typical Dr. Phil conversation:

Dr. Phil: Today on the show we have a woman who has been shoplifting for five years. She also beats her children, cheats on her husband and kills small animals, mostly kittens.
Guest: (sits quietly)
Dr. Phil: Now, you know that what you are doing is wrong, don't you?
Guest: yes.
Dr. Phil: Well, don't do it!
(audience erupts in applause)
Dr. Phil: When we come back, we'll talk to a man who is a child molester and tell him to stop too.
(cue commercial)

I have never seen Dr. Phil give advice that isn't the most common sense on the planet. You don't have to be a psychologist to tell people to stop doing shit that is so obviously wrong! Listen, numb-nuts..... when a person goes to a psychologist with a problem, they already know what they are doing is wrong, that's why they came to see you! Your job is to help them figure out why they can't simply "stop." The only good thing Dr. Phil does is when he passes the guest off to an actual, practicing expert who then spends weeks helping the person confront their problem and conquer it. Also, I like it when he gives away shit. Otherwise, he's a hack.


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