Monday, August 29, 2005

Family Values

A bunch of my family came to town over the weekend to celebrate my Grandmother's 85th birthday. On Saturday, me, Paul (boyfriend of my sister, Duana) and Dave (boyfriend of my sister's daughter, Alicia) decided to break free of the family grip for an hour and go to the comic-book store. Before I relate the conversation in the car, it's important that you know that Dave works for his Dad who is in the wholesale distribution side of adult novelties.

Paul: I was told not to corrupt you this weekend while you're here.
Dave: Who told you that, Duana?
Paul: No, Alicia.
Dave: Really, Alicia told you not to corrupt me?
Paul: Yea.
Booray: The guy sells dildo's for a living and you're not supposed to corrupt him?
Paul: That's what she said.
Dave: Hey, it's a family business.
Booray: Yea, nothing screams family values like a 10-inch rubber dick....


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