Wednesday, August 03, 2005


My friend Jen, who I've never pictured naked once (more about this later) has finally written in her blog which I set up for her a month ago. Jennifer is very funny and used to work with me in radio (although I've never fantasized about bending her over the control board).

Jen holds the distinction of being the only hot chick I've ever known who I've never fantasized about. Never. Not even once. It's an anomaly, like a two-headed frog or Pauly Shore. I can think of hundreds of ugly chicks that I've had a quick daydream about but never Jen, not once. I don't understand it. It fascinates me no end.

Anyway, read her blog. It's worth reading just for the phrase, "Pop-culture fraud." If enough of us read it maybe she'll post again before Christmas.


Jen said...

Well, you are obviously gay.

8:44 PM  

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