Friday, August 12, 2005

A personal message to the Jackson Jurors...

Yahoo News- This week two members of the Jackson jury surfaced in the media to announce that they now consider him guilty. Eleanor Cook and Ray Hultman say they were pressured by other jurors into voting for acquittal, and also plan to sell books, a TV movie and -- in Cook's case -- T-shirts.
"They ought to be ashamed," said Cook, a 79-year-old grandmother, of her fellow jurors in an MSNBC interview. "They're the ones who let a pedophile go."

No, you let a pedophile go you greedy old bitch. If you honestly believed he was guilty and voted to acquit you should be anal raped by Bubbles the Chimp. I can't believe this shit. I can respect the jurors who voted their conscience based on the facts presented but you two are scum. Personally, if I thought someone was guilty, really believed it, there isn't a force on earth that could move me off my decision. What you're saying is that you're convinced that Michael Jackson molests children but voted to acquit anyway!? Fuck you.


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