Thursday, August 25, 2005

What's really important...

"I need you to get me a sub for lunch," Bobbi said.
"No problem."
"Get me the chicken sub with a side of wing sauce and blue cheese."
"Got it."
"Be sure you get the blue cheese and wing sauce."
"I will."
"If you don't get it, the sub's just not the same."
"(pause) Ya' know, we should just put a sign on the front door that says, It's All About Bobbi, so visitors would know exactly what they're getting into when they visit."
"Oh, they know."


Michele said...

Lke you weren't picky when I picked you up subs for lunch! Ok, you weren't ... but Bobbi's pregnant and you should know not to mess with them!

Ths one handed typing while feeding Abby is getting tiresome .. back to reading Big Brother updates I guess.

12:51 AM  

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