Monday, September 26, 2005

Elmo's Shitty World

Our first potty-training weekend has come to an end with little progress. We put the baby into regular panties and watched her like a hawk all weekend for any sign of liquid. Naturally she didn't cooperate, instead choosing to run around all weekend having a ball and reserving all peeing for when she was napping. A watched child never pee's.

Now we're on to plan "B." We've bought a "Potty Elmo" doll (because children can relate better to the act of defecation if they first watch a Muppet take a shit..), which includes a "Potty Elmo" book that you can read to your child while she is sitting on the pot (reading on the toilet, something I really don't need help teaching..). We also bought a jar of M&M's to keep in the bathroom so we can reward her for a job well done. She's got a shitter, candy, toy's and books in the bathroom now so really, she has no reason to ever leave. Toss in a computer and some porn and I'd move in there myself.


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