Saturday, September 03, 2005

Maybe she's been busy getting a restraining order...

You may have noticed a few days ago that I received a very nice comment here on The Boo-Log (on the post called "New Logo"). A college student left a comment about how she had listened to me on the radio years ago and said some really wonderful things. It really made me feel great to get a comment like that so I immediately sat down and wrote her an email.

She hasn't written me back.

What the hell? She said I was her inspiration and yet she won't write me back!? How often do you get a letter from your inspiration!?I mean, if Carrot-Top ever wrote me you can bet I'd write back!

I'm hoping that maybe she hasn't checked her email or her computers broken or she got hit by a bus or something.... Because otherwise, I'll be forced to believe that I'm not nearly as cool and God-like to the masses as I've convinced myself. Naaaa, that can't be it.... she's gotta be dead or something.


Michele said...

Just when my nightmares of our former place of employment were slowing!

She probably didn't respond yet because she's trying to forumlate words that will parallel yours in wisdom.

Or she could just be away spending time with the family during the holiday weekend. ;)

Lack of sleep is really taking a toll on me.

11:50 PM  
Kelly said...

Spending time with the family at the house = arguing over the fact that my father misplaced a stapler and that no one came in the house and stole it.

9 credit classes from 7am to 1:45 pm 5 days a week tend to suck out much energy the first week of school... between the internet issues and the catching up on sleep, I haven't had much time to e-mail back. Sorry for the delay !

3:40 PM  

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