Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Random Stuff

This will be a catch all post...

.... the Governor called and Kitty is still alive. Despite threats to the contrary, Bobbi didn't take her to the pound this weekend, nor did she chop her up with an axe.

.... all those homeless people from New Orleans. If only there was a place we could put them that had housing, schools, hospitals and an infrastructure.

.... the federal government continues with plans to shut down military bases all over the country. If only they could be put to some sort of use.

.... we have finally moved into our new building and as of today, Signature Title & Recording Services looks like a real business. Now it's back to just me and the baby at the house full-time.

.... if there are any Fantasy Football players reading this, my starting line-up is McGahee, Barber, Horn, Wayne, Whitten, Hasselback, Reed and Buffalo.


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