Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Senate Confirmation Hearings for John Roberts have begun. As expected, the central theme will be Roe v. Wade as the Senators try to assure themselves that Roberts will never make abortion illegal.

Let me just state for the record that I am for legal abortions. I won't bother to get into the debate on the ethics of the issue because my reasoning has nothing to do with ethics. Simply put, the United States Government should not have the right to tell you what you can and cannot do with something while it is inside your own body, be it a fetus, another man's penis or a Corona bottle (what college student hasn't had a Corona bottle stuck up their ass, huh?! What.... oh, just me.... okay).

Here's what bothers me about the confirmation hearings. Any potential Justice who is willing to state how he would vote on an issue that he hasn't heard arguments on shouldn't be allowed on the bench. The whole point of being a Supreme Court Justice is to listen to both sides of the argument when a case is presented and then make a decision. So, the correct answer to any questions regarding future voting should be, "It's impossible for me to say how I would vote on a case that hasn't been presented yet and to do so would go against everything the court stands for." Then, he could jump across the table, vault over the photographers and commence bashing on the committee's heads with that little hammer they carry.


Booray said...

Please ignore this comment. My cousin claims that my comment section is broken so I'm leaving this comment to prove she is wrong. Perhaps she is typing the word wrong, or, perhaps she is just retarded. Who's to say...

Actually, this is the second time that I've left this comment. The first time I mis-spelled "retarded."

9:00 AM  
Booray said...

Ooops, now I feel foolish. It wasn't my cousin Joanna who wrote to me about the comment section, it was Joanne the banana-loving Canadian. So, I owe Joanna an apology for saying that she might be retarded. In fact, she is quite normal except for her huge breasts which are capable of stopping bullets.

9:14 AM  

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