Tuesday, October 04, 2005

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One of the great things about old friends is that, over time, things that have happened or comments made can achieve a sort of legendary status. Quite often, these things are in no way deserving of the recognition they receive but, much like Donald Rumsfield, they get it anyway.

When I was in college, we used to hang out at Gene's because Gene was the only guy we knew who had an apartment. One night, I was standing playing darts with the couch ( who needs a dartboard when the couch will do) and talking to Donny, who was half-asleep and drunk. To be honest, I don't remember the backstory but somebody we knew was fighting with his girlfriend and they had just been at the same place that Donny had been.

With me so far?

So, I'm standing there, playing darts and asking Donny about this couple. I think Gene might have been there too. Anyway, I asked Donny if the couple had been at the party and if they had talked and Donny said, "Well..... you talk...... and you don't talk." Only he said it like he was spouting off some deep philosophical message (I think, therefore I am). I think he even waved his hand a little to make the point that there were two kinds of talking... all this without opening his eyes. At that time, in that place, it was the funniest thing Donny had ever said.

Soon, the statement became a rite of passage for any relationship. We used it to describe any trouble, or hint of trouble, that befell one of our comrades. If you were having trouble with your girl, someone was bound to offer, "You talk......... and you don't talk."

(By the way, it wasn't the only thing Donny said that night. When I asked him why he did something (I don't remember what) he said, "You know me and......... you know me." he was so drunk that he forgot what he was going to say after the "and" so he just repeated the first part. This, like the other saying, would be repeated for years.)


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