Monday, October 31, 2005

Waiting for Santa

Today is the day that my new TV arrives. The deliveryman is supposed to be here between 11-3 which got me thinking, what are the odds that he'll be her at 11:00? Really, has anyone in the history of time ever seen a service call or delivery show up at the beginning of the time window? Doesn't 11-3 actually mean 1-3? I paid for the front-door delivery. It's an extra $100 to actually bring it inside and another $100 to un-pack it. However, I'm convinced that a 20-dollar bill will get the TV into my living room. I'm also convinced that there will be problems with the TV since anything I'm ever excited about has problems right out of the box (it's a curse, really).

I got back from Houston yesterday after three days of playing poker. I didn't do well but managed to limit my losses to money already won earlier this year. This is what we poker players call, "rationalization," as if it's okay that you lost $3000 as long as you made $3000 earlier. Like that $3000 in your pocket was in some sort of Schrodinger's Cat-like state, neither here nor there until the end of the year. (Kudo's to me for working quantum physics into a post... look it up)

"Mensa" keeps sending me emails wanting me to come take the Mensa test. We genius's don't need confirmation of our awesome brain power, thank you very much. Truth is, I'm convinced that I'm getting dumber by the day and I prefer to just believe that I'm still a genius rather than take the test and confirm that I'm one step away from Tara Reid.

I was actually supposed to come home from Houston today, but I bumped my flight up a day for several reasons, not the least of which is that I missed my family. I'm officially family-whipped I guess. You know you're in trouble when you spend $130 to fly home early on a flight that originally cost $75. Hold on baby, Daddy's coming!


Andrea said...

Take the test. Then we can be geniuses together

11:45 PM  
Booray said...

No, you see, we already ARE both geniuses together.... if I take the test there's a good chance you will become a genius ALONE.

C'mon, I had to look at your post to see how to spell "geniuses" for God's sake!

1:36 PM  

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