Sunday, October 09, 2005

Why you shouldn't give your wife the camera

"Quick honey, grab the camera and shoot a picture of the baby feeding me at breakfast!"

This is a great picture of the people sitting in the booth behind us..

"Okay, when I toss the baby, you snap a picture of her in mid-air!"

"Hello, HRS...... I was reading a blog today and I want to report a case of child abuse..."

Let me just state for the record that in the above picture, I am not throwing the baby on her head. I threw her on her stomach. She bounced on her head. I'm a good Dad.


Michele said...

Sam is adorable. :) She's got a little bit of Greg Louganis in her though.

Emma used to feed me her Cheerios. Then she learned how to be evil and would snatch her stale little O's away just before they went into my mouth with a loud cackle.

3:20 PM  

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