Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bigger than The Beatles

Did anyone notice the new commenter on the post below this one? That's right losers, yet another denizen of the internet has discovered the genius that is me! (Bonus: she's hot!....unless she's underage, in which case she's cute) Can it be mere coincidence that all my readers are hot babes? (Actually, I don't know if all my readers are hot babes. BlackberriesGirl claims to be so freakin' hot that her gynecologist makes passes at her but I've yet to see actual proof). Let's face it, I attract women like a fire-sale at "Bath and Body Works."

I've added her page to my links because that's the sort of self-sacrifice I'm willing to make for my fans. Check out her page here. Quote below:

The morning passes without much fanfare. Jenn’s shower curtain has ceased emitting the stench that resulted in my getting high and scribbling my name on my shoes so they wouldn’t get lost last night, and I can almost breathe again.

That's quality prose people and don't try to deny it.


Blackberriesgirl said...

LMAO!! OK... just so you know.... SuperKain is a GUY not a GIRL... the girl you are looking at is his girlfriend....

And just for the record... It's NOT my GYNECOLOGIST it's the doctor... and I never said I thought I was hot I said the doctor did which I laughed about because I don't think I am! So there crazy man.

4:46 PM  
superkain said...

Sorry to disappoint, Boo. And, yeah... my girl is a hottie.

Thanks for the plug, btw. Have fun reading, there are some hilarious stories on there if i do say so myself.

Ok, back to my tranquilizers.

4:52 PM  
Booray said...

FUCK ME! Now my whole hot reader theme is shot to shit.

Blackberrie - I know it wasn't you Gyno that said that but Gyno is funnier (That's poetic license biatch)

5:03 PM  
Jen said...

I'm only leaving a comment here because I noticed that more people read your comment log than read my blog... which is at Yeah, that's right. I did it again. I know I owe you $50. I figure it'll cover the advertising cost I've incurred.

1:58 PM  
Jen said...

Oh, yeah. I used to be hot.

1:58 PM  

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