Sunday, November 27, 2005

My family decided several years ago to stop buying presents for extended family members at Christmas. Instead, My Dad, his two brothers, and their families all get together at a restaurant and have a big dinner. Everyone buys presents for the kids but not the adults. It makes sense when you consider that many of the people in the family only see each other once a year, to exchange presents. (Personally, I have been pushing for a new rule that you only exchange gifts with people you see on Christmas Eve or day. No more mailing gifts...)

Two years ago, we were on our way to the "Perry Christmas Dinner" when we realized that we had forgot the presents for the kids. Since the dinner is on the other side of the bay, we decided to just stop at Target and buy new presents.

Yesterday, we bought presents at Target for this year's gathering.... and left them in the store. Since we just happened to be at a Target on the other side of town, we just decided to go to the nearest Target today and replace them.

Target is making entirely too much money off of me.

(Side note: When I'm King, you'll be allowed to punch anyone in the face who tries to sign you up for a store credit card while checking out. "Would you like to save 10% on your purchase today with a Target charge account?" POW!!)


Michele said...

The poor employees of Target are brainwashed into asking each and every customer if they would like a Target card. They (Target) would even send secret employees through the lines to make sure that you were doing as they told you. Once in a while they would offer us prizes for those who could get enough suckers to sign up. You should've seen the old ladies who worked day shift try to flirt with unsuspecting college students just to get a $50 gift card to ... Target.

You could've called the store and told them you forgot your bags there and they might have tracked them down. Wait ... I forgot you got one of those trees that grows money in your backyard. ;)

(btw: I reminded Kara to check out your site - which she seemed completely clueless of (which means she doesn't read my site) - over Thanksgiving. Just preparing you for more harassment!

2:26 PM  

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