Friday, December 02, 2005

The Endorsement

I watch three hour-long drama's on TV. I watch Lost and The West Wing because they're great and I watch E.R because I always have and I've loved Maura Tierney ever since News Radio. Recently, I rented the first season of Veronica Mars from Netflix and Bobbi and I have been watching it for the last two weeks.

It's really good.

Veronica is a hign school student who's Dad used to be sheriff but now is a private detective. Her best friend was killed and the confessed killer is lying.... Veronica was drugged and raped at a party and doesn't know who did it... her Mom has run off and she's trying to find her.... She may be the illegitimate child of her Mom and her ex-boyfriend's father, who, is also the brother of her best friend and might have killed her..... it goes on and on.

The thing is, when you type out the plots like I just did, it sounds like a stupid soap opera but it's really not. It's funny and witty and makes sense most of the time. Plus, every episode has Veronica solving some case for her friends (well, associates... Veronica is outcast despite being the hottest girl in school...).

Check it out.


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