Monday, December 12, 2005

Out of the woods

Things are really looking good now. Mac has been off oxygen for 8 hours, they've dressed her in the pajamas we left for her and they will be feeding her in a little bit. Now that her little body has realized that she's out in the real world, she's started to get ready. I imagine it will still be at least three days until she comes home. Here's a short video.

A few days ago I designed a new logo for this blog but couldn't get my ftp to work so I could upload it. I finally solved my ftp problem but now I can't upload it because it won't be funny in light of the current situation. I'll wait a week or two until we are definitely in the clear...


Joanne said...

She is soooo beautiful! You two make beautiful babies! I'm glad she is doing well! I hope you can bring her home soon!

11:48 AM  
Michele said...

Congrats first of all!

I'll have to look at the video a little later - Emma wants something they call dinner or something.

I know the NICU can be stressful but they have nurses and doctors there to watch over Mac and make sure everything is good. From the sounds of it she is doing very very good!

The hospitals where I've had my kids (three different ones) never provided any sort of food for the other person (I say that because Kara was there with Emma and James with the other two). Mind you, I would've much rather had the BK they brought in than the hospital food ... which is mostly broth when you have a c-section. Yum! Ha!

Congrats again!

6:50 PM  

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