Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Laundry 101

This may seem like an odd way to greet each other in the morning but it's actually pretty typical. This morning as I'm feeding the baby, Bobbi went to get some cereal and said, "This pantry smells like pee."
Then I said, "When Sam had her accident last night, I threw the dirty towel in the basket that's in there."
"Oh, okay."

A few minutes later, Bobbi noticed a small basket of laundry on the counter.
"Does this need to be washed?" she asked.
"Yes, that's all the stuff I used to clean up after Mac spit-up last night."
"I'll throw it in the washer." She said.
"Why don't you grab that basket out of the pantry and toss it in too?"
"Ew, no.... you don't want to put those in with the baby's things."
"Right, what was I thinking? You can't have the piss-soaked clothes mixed in with the vomit-soaked clothes...... that would be gross.


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