Monday, January 23, 2006

You should see my S.A.T. scores...

It's not easy being the smartest guy in the room.

My computer froze up last week. When you consider that my computer is my only link to the outside world and that it's also how we pay all the bills for the business and payroll, you can see how it's a big deal to lose it. Add to this my growing anxiety whenever there are things that need to be done that aren't getting done and you get a pressure cooker of frustration with just a pinch of angst for taste. Mmmm, that's good emotional breakdown!

After the good folks at Best Buy informed me that they couldn't fix it, I contacted the manufacturer who then promised to call me with a special number that I would need in order to return it for repairs. This is a new development in the last few years where you can't return something without first being given some special number which must be written on the return packaging under penalty of death. I contacted them on Thursday.... I still haven't got a number. I think the real plan is to make you wait so long to get the number that your warranty runs out.

Bobbi kept saying that I should call Dan, a friend of ours who is very computer savvy. "Dan's boss had a computer that they said couldn't be fixed and Dan fixed it!" She would say. I patiently explained to her that the professionals at Best Buy had already said that the problem was with the motherboard and it would have to be replaced. I mean, Dan's a handy guy but he doesn't make his living fixing computers. The Geek Squad at Best Buy are very good at what they do. Computers are delicate, sophisticated machines and require a professional touch.

The situation got worse on Sunday when I discovered that my back-up computer was broken too. Now we're in the shit, so to speak, because the bills and payroll are due in two days and we have no computer in the house. I decided to go buy a cheap computer to hold us over until mine is fixed. Bobbi thinks that's a bad idea and suggests bringing one home from the office one day a week until we get mine back from California where it will go as soon as I get the magic number.

Then the argument begins. Bobbi is saying we shouldn't buy a computer and I should "Call Dan" while I'm explaining to her just how inconvenient it's going to be to try and use an office computer for the next 6 weeks. I figure we can get a cheap computer for about $300 and make the next 6 weeks much easier. Bobbi continues to say that she can't justify the cost (this from a woman who would gladly spend $300 for one night in a hotel.) Finally, I get tired of trying to explain and say, "Fine, I'll call Dan."

Now, I know that the whole Dan thing is a waste of time but Bobbi is one of those people that you sometimes have to just give in to and let her see for herself that you're right. She'll never admit it, of course, but at least you'll know. I'm in the middle of a breakdown as I see more and more problems pile up around me that I can't solve, and Bobbi suddenly wants to argue about $300, which is less than she has spent in one visit to the hair dresser. So, I call Dan and he comes over. I figure, fine... we'll do it your way and you can see for yourself.

10 minutes after Dan arrives my computer is running fine since the only problem was that the DVD drive was loose.

It's not easy being the smartest guy in the room.


Jen said...

Really? Did Dan tell you that?

1:15 PM  
Meghan said...

You should totally make him cookies.

10:20 PM  

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