Friday, February 17, 2006

American Idol

Okay, sure... Simon is a tool, but if he wasn't we wouldn't watch the show so deal with it.

No, here's the thing that I find most amazing about American Idol. It's the level of confidence that the losers have. I'm not talking about the ones who audition the first day because you can never be sure if they're serious (s friend of mine was on last year and she knows she can't sing). I'm talking about the ones who get cut just before the final 24. Whenever the camera confronts them after being cut, they are always pissed off. They are sure that there has been a mistake. Just once I want to see one of them say, "You know what.... maybe I'm not that good! Maybe they're right!"

I'm also amazed at the contestants who claim it's their life dream yet, when interviewed, don't talk about the singing lessons three times a week and the band they perform in.... because they don't take lessons and they don't have a band. It's their dream yet they don't seem to think it should require any actual work or sacrifice. When I was 18 years old I decided I wanted to be a Disc-Jockey. I worked every shift I could get (including overnights while still in college) and rarely had a day off. I would spin records until 3 a.m. and be on the air from 6 a.m. - noon, then be back spinning records at 6 p.m.!! I was 23 before I had two days off in the same week and I was fine with that because I wanted to be a Disc-Jockey. I didn't mind going to the station at dawn with two hours sleep to babysit some recorded program as long as I was "in" radio. When I moved to Dallas in 1989 I finally quit radio and treated myself to two days off a week while working in clubs. I lasted three years before I was back waiting tables and working midnight - 6 a.m. every weekend, making tapes and sending out resumes. I was a DJ.... that's what I was, no matter what else I did. To this day when people ask me what I do I say, "I used to be a DJ."

My point is, don't say something is your "life's dream" unless you're working on it every day. Otherwise, it's a hobby.


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