Thursday, February 02, 2006

Is it safe?

Today was the big day! Today I got my braces off!! Woo-Hoo! Becky is sure to want to go with me to the prom now!!

I've been wearing braces for 2.5 years. I also wore them when I was in Middle School for 3.5 years (Moral of the story: Wear your retainer). After 6 years of my life with my teeth wrapped in steel I'm ready to move on, or at least land a job as a Bond villain (Jaws anyone? Anyone??)

Of course, nothing can be as simple and easy as we'd like because I now have to wear a retainer for a year and here's the rub: The retainer is more noticeable than the braces were! I had clear ceramic braces that many people said they didn't even notice until I pointed them out. Now I have a bright silver wire around my teeth. I mean bright, like I'm trying to chrome my teeth!

Still, I can always take out the retainer to eat or impress a babe (or scare my children) so it's still better than before.

Admit it, you want to kiss me.....


Michele said...

Sweet on getting the braces out! Sucks on the retainer thing the retainer though.

James has permanent ones stuck to the insides of his teeth ... and I still haven't made my appointment to get the opinion of an othrodontist. I am a professional procrastinator ... especially when it comes to things of the teeth and eyes.

If you see me driving late at night .. swerve!

(have you ever tried to pronounce the word verifications just for fun? yeah, me neither.)

2:04 AM  

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