Sunday, March 05, 2006

"What? Timmy is trapped in the old mine!?"

Today we had a little gathering to celebrate my sister and my Mom's birthdays. Their birthdays are on consecutive days... or one day apart or something, who the hell knows. I just know they're in March.

At one point we're sitting in the living room and Sam wandered in with a toilet paper roll. No big deal, she's always walking around with something but then someone noticed that Mom was missing. A quick search revealed she was in the bathroom and, lo and behold, was out of toilet paper. Faced with this dilemma, my Mother had sent her granddaughter out into the world with the toilet paper roll to seek help, like an episode of "Lassie." Since Sam still doesn't talk very well, all she could do was make high-pitched squeaky noises and brandish the cardboard tube. I guess it was really more like an episode of "Flipper," only without the sharks.

(What the hell does "lo and behold" mean, anyway? Discuss.)


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