Thursday, April 13, 2006

Take a picture part 2

The second part of my quest to take good flash photographs arrived today. It's a filter called The Omni-bounce which snaps over the flash head and diffuses the light when you are using a 45-degree bounce. Where a good bounce flash takes the normal glare of a flash photo and makes it appear that the light is coming down from above, a good diffuser will make that same light look like it's coming from every direction at once. Is anyone still reading this? No?

Let me just show you. The picture on the left is using a bounce flash and the one on the right is the same bounce with the Omni-bounce.


Michele said...

I glazed over at filter. Kidding! You can really see the difference between the two.

You have a kitty like my Mulder who now lives with grandma since he had an issue ...

11:03 PM  

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