Friday, May 05, 2006


Dear Mac,
Daddy just wanted to write you a letter and let you know that he loves you very much. The reason I want to make this clear is because you might one day realize that there aren't nearly as many pictures and video of you as an infant as there are of your sister, Sam. There is a good reason for this. You see, when we had Sam, we had never had a baby before. So, we were constantly taking pictures and shooting video every time she moved or, in some cases, when she was sleeping. It's a sickness, really.... but one that all new parents go through.

Now that you're here, frankly, we don't have time to take as many pictures as we did with your sister. Don't worry, you're just as cute and precious as she was at your age. Daddy has just come to his senses as far as the chronicling of your life is concerned. My new camera is less than six months old and I've shot over 3000 photographs, so it's not like I quit taking pictures. It's just, when you have one kitten it's cute..... when you have several cats it's a lot of shit to clean. Not that you and your sister are cats, but there is definitely shit to clean, as well as spit-up, crayons, milk, Fruit-Loops and every "Elmo" toy ever manufactured.

If it still bothers you when you're older, I'll buy you a pony.


Marijayde said...

WOW - she looks just like Bobbi in that picture!!!

4:24 PM  
Booray said...

Soooo not true.

6:54 PM  

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