Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Random Stuff

I know I haven't been writing much lately and I also know that everyone always writes a post when they're mot posting enough saying how they're aware they're not posting enough and sorry about that. Well, I have a good reason for not posting.

I have cancer.

Not really, although it would be a really great reason. I'd be all, "I have cancer, so suck it!" And you be all, "I'm so sorry that I was bitter!"

Actually, I shouldn't even joke about that because an old radio buddy of mine actually has cancer and we all know it's okay to joke until it happens to you and then suddenly anyone who jokes about it is an insensitive dick. I think about my old friend Hank and wonder how he's doing but he hasn't really given me any details when I've asked about it so I'm trying to respect his privacy.

The truth is, I haven't been writing because my life is in such a routine now that nothing much happens that is different for me to write about. I'm not the only one. All the blogs I link to are in hibernation except for Joanna, who seems to be going through some sort of spiritual crisis because she talks about God more than she talks about her dog (which is a sure sign). I know she's doing okay, though, because at the baby shower last weekend, when Uncle Mac took her picture, she strategically held up her cup to block the Pinata'-sized cold sore she had on her lip. If she was really in distress she wouldn't have preserved her vanity (note to self: If I drank my cocktails out of a 30 gallon garbage can, I could cover my entire body! Explore...) BTW: Kudo's to Uncle Mac for sending out the above picture to the whole family along with the notation.

Last weekend we went to a baby shower for my cousin Clay who has now become the favorite son by knocking up his girlfriend with a male heir.... the only one after our generation. It's not enough that Clay has his doctorate and is a musical genius (seriously, Clay is a keyboard player and arranger who has appeared on 38 albums. We hate Clay.). Unfortunately, Clay's girlfriend got sick a few days before the shower and couldn't come. That didn't stop the whole family from showing up just the same. In fact, more of my family showed up for a shower where there was no pregnant person than showed up for Bobbi's shower when she was pregnant with Sam. I'm sure that says something about my popularity with the family and if you've spent any time reading this blog you can probably see why.


Michele said...

Well, if you'd update your links you'd see that I moved my damn blog! ;)

Cold sores always seem to have a habit of showing up at the worst time ever. Usually at functions where you're going to see people you haven't seen in ages ....

11:26 PM  

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