Monday, June 12, 2006

Review: X-Men 3

First, let me say that I enjoyed it and I think that the director did a fine job and is getting a little too much crap from the fans. It was little heavy on the CGI but still pretty good. I would have liked to see it move a little slower as far as bringing in Colossus, Kitty, Iceman and Beast to the team but since this is the last film...

Also, where the hell was Nightcrawler?

Second, Famke Jannsen is still drop-dead hot and has been ever since she guest starred on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Okay, here's my gripes:

Why would Magneto move the entire Golden Gate Bridge over to Alcatraz (building a bridge to the mainland) when all the people he wants to get to Alcatraz are on the bridge already? If they were all on the shore, providing a bridge would make sense but if you're just looking for something for people to stand on while you fly them over, there has to be something easier than the Golden Gate Bridge! Also, when Magneto drops the bridge on the island it probably drops 10 stories or so. Magneto doesn't drop with it, he flys above it. Fine, that makes sense, but in the next shot we see all the evil mutants standing on the bridge ready to walk off. How did they survive the fall? Shouldn't they be laying all over the ground?

The "Phoenix" storyline has no place in the film. It adds nothing to the story but filler since Jean plays no real role in the Alcatraz attack.

I was happy to see what Rogue did because it would have been bullshit if she had decided to back out on her decision with some, "I gotta be me" speech.

My idea: Remove the "phoenix" storyline completly as well as everyone who died as a result but leave in the de-powering of Rogue and Mystique and Magneto. Since the principal actors have said they will not come back for a fourth film, it wasn't necessary to kill Xavier just because Patrick Stewart is getting old.

Finally, the whole movie I was trying to figure out where I had seen the actor that plays, "Angel" before. It turns out that he's the guy who played the gay boyfriend of Claire on "Six Feet Under." Boy does he look different.


Sagnuts said...

Thanks for the spoiler alert you sh*t-f*ck!

5:50 PM  

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