Monday, July 17, 2006

Old Friends

Last night I got an email from Flickr that said I had been added to someones "friends' list. Naturally, I immediately went to the guys Flickr page to see who he is because, well, I have no friends. It was mostly family pictures and no good pictures of the guy who took them but I commented to Bobbi, "I don't know who this guy is but his son looks just like my old next-door-neighbor, Darren.

Turns out it is Darren. He sent me an email and said his mom had bumped into Scott's mom (another old friend from Monroe) and she had passed along my web address.

It's funny because just last week I mentioned Darren to Bobbi (has anyone ever mentioned me to their spouse?) I always think of Darren in July because of the fireworks stands that sprout up on every vacant lot in Florida (Question: Where do the fireworks people go the rest of the year?). Darren is living proof of the old warning from parents about everything being great until someone loses an eye. He lost most of the vision in one eye when he was a teenager after he was hit by a bottle-rocket. Now that I think about it, Darren's birthday is in July too.

Things I remember about Darren:
He was short but fast. Impossible to catch in football.

His sister, Jill, was cute and had no eyelashes due to some sort of disease when she was young. I never would have noticed but her mom pointed it out one day.

He put mayonnaise on his grill-cheese sandwich. Major faux-pas.

Once, when he was spending the night, he started sliding across the kitchen floor in his socks while saying, "cheddar cheese" in a funny voice. We thought this was hilarious.

His dad had the best boat in the neighborhood (a big deal to boys in Louisiana).

His Dad worked for Ford and once said that the "LTD" in his "Ford LTD" stood for "long-term donkey." We thought that was hilarious, too.

He had a motorcycle and we used to ride in the woods behind our houses.

His Mom always had "The PTL Club" on TV. Eventually, Darren and Jill quit public school and went to a Baptist school where their Mom taught.

His Grandfather used to visit quite a bit. Once, he got bored and raked the leaves in the front yard with a broom (worked, too). Another time, after Darren got a buzz-cut to play football, his grandfather said it was great because now, every time he washed his hands, he could wash his hair.

Once, while riding with Darren's Dad to Swifty Stop to get a Slurpee, we saw a kid named Deke in his car. Darren said, "What happened to the door?" and I replied, "I don't know, but it's fucked up." .... It was the first time I ever said the f-word in front of an adult. Darren's Dad was too polite to say anything about it..

Anyway, it was great to get an email from him because usually it's me that tracks down the old friends. For some reason, people don't seem to have a burning desire to find out whatever happened to me.


Sagnuts said...

Unfortunately, the desire to find out what happened to you is what led to the burning. But only when I pee.

1:54 PM  

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