Sunday, August 13, 2006

Just keep swimming

My wife runs our companies (Signature Title and All Florida Search and Abstract). She is the queen of multitasking with 10 things going at once all day long and how she does it I don't know. I could never do it.

That's at work.

At home she has the attention span of a goldfish and is totally unable to focus on anything for five minutes. Or two minutes. Or less. Example:

Today I walked into the kitchen an noticed a new roll of paper towels sitting on the island bar. I looked over at the wooden towel holder sitting on the counter and noticed that there were no paper towels on it and the wooden dowel that normally holds the towels had been removed. It didn't really surprise me because it was obvious what had happened: Bobbi had noticed that the paper towels were out and had decided to put a fresh roll on (in itself a miracle because she never notices stuff like that). She got out a fresh roll, removed the empty roll from the rack, put it in the garbage and..... got distracted by something shiny and never came back.

My personal favorite example of this inability to focus happens a lot when we are coming home with the kids. Typically, we'll bring the kids in the house around bedtime and I'll start emptying the diaper bag, taking Mac out of the carrier, cleaning any bottles we used while we were out, telling Sam it's time for bed, etc..... I'll turn around and Bobbi is no where to be found. Where is she? She's in the front yard pulling up weeds that she noticed when we pulled into the driveway, having completely forgotten the laundry list of things that must be accomplished in order to put the kids to bed.... an accomplishment made more amazing by the fact that we do them every night!

She's retarded but I love her.


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