Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Odyssey - Part 2: The Conversation

"Wanna fool around?"
"We are in my Grandmother's house."
"So.... the answer is "No."
"C'mon, everyone's asleep. We could just lay here and quietly hump."
"Quietly hump?"
"It's from a Woody Allen movie. "Annie Hall," I think."
"That's funny.... but no."
"We're married!"
"This is my Grandmother's house and we are in my Grandmother's bed. I used to kneel beside this bed when I was a child to say my prayers!"
"That's what makes it so cool!"
""No way."
"C'mon, just a little.."
"Now I lay me down to sleep..."
"That's just low."
"Go to sleep."
"We could go outside and have sex in the mini-van..."
"C'mon, it's a rental!"
"(sigh) ...goodnight."


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