Friday, June 23, 2006

Also, if the father is Geraldo Rivera

Let's talk about abortion for a sec...

The state of South Dakota has passed a law that makes abortion illegal, in less the mother's life is in danger. They know the law will be struck down in court, in fact they're counting on it. They want to appeal all the way to the Supreme Court so that they can force the court to address Roe v. Wade.

It's a good plan.

Unfortunatly for them, South Dakota has a nifty provision that allows you to put any new law up for state-wide vote if you can gather enough signatures. The pro-choice people are doing just that. If it goes to a public vote and the public vote's to overturn.... no more law and no more challenge before the Supreme Court.

The thing is, South Dakota is a pro-life state. Every poll taken there shows a clear majority of pro-lifers. Yet, it looks like there's a very good chance that the law will be overturned by those same people.


I'm so glad you asked. It's because the law only allows abortion when the mother's life is in danger. A lot of pro-lifers feel that there should also be an exception for rape and incest. Typically they say, "I'm pro-life, but if my sister or wife were raped, well..."

If you're pro-life and you believe that life begins at conception and abortion is murder then the only exception is when the mother's life is in danger. People who want exceptions for rape and incest are pro-choice.... they just want to be the ones who are deciding when you get to choose. I'm curious, what if the baby is born and then you discover it's a product of incest? Can you kill it then, too?

If you're pro-life and want abortion to be illegal except to save the mother's life, I can respect that. But if you claim to be pro-life while condoning abortion when you don't like the means of conception, you aren't even allowed in the debate. You don't get to decide when circumstances are traumatic enough to terminate a pregnancy. Either the mother decides (pro-choice) or no one decides (pro-life).

Night tremors

The wife is in the Bahama's for the weekend and I'm alone with the kids. I don't sleep well at all when Bobbi is gone, I wake up more often and have bad dreams. This time I dreamt that I found a size 18 sneaker in Bobbi's closet and woke up as she was making a sorry attempt to explain why she would have Shaquile O'neal's shoe. Hey, if you're going to cheat, at least have the courtesy to cheat with someone who has a smaller shoe-size than me, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

At some point during the night, one of the cats pushed open the bedroom door. So, of course, when I awoke at 5a.m. and saw the door open I had to get up and patrol the entire house looking for the killer who was surely out to kidnap my children. I couldn't find him but I know he's here somewhere because I'm sure I heard him moving around for the next two hours while I stared at the ceiling.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Congress sends a big "Screw you" to the working poor..

From CNN:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. House of Representatives panel Tuesday voted to raise the U.S. minimum wage in increments to $7.25 an hour by Jan. 1, 2009.
The House Appropriations Committee backed the proposal by a vote of 32-27 during work on a massive fiscal 2007 funding bill for labor and health programs.
The surprise result came after seven Republicans on the committee supported the Democratic amendment.
But the legislation faces many hurdles, including possible efforts by Republican leaders to have the proposal stricken from the legislation, according to Republican and Democratic aides.
Under the proposal, which was offered by House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, a Maryland Democrat, the current $5.15-per-hour federal minimum wage would rise in 70-cent increments starting Jan. 1, 2007. On that date, the minimum wage would be set at $5.85 and a year later it would go to $6.55 before topping off at $7.25 in 2009.

From The Salt Lake Tribune:
WASHINGTON - Are you getting a $3,300 pay raise? Congress will. Despite Rep. Jim Matheson's annual argument to have a vote on whether Congress should get a 2 percent pay raise, House members sided with the automatic hike during a debate over a spending bill for several departments. It's the sixth time Matheson, Utah's only Democratic House member, has tried to get a vote on the pay raise and the sixth time he's lost.

I don't know how they sleep at night....

Monday, June 12, 2006

Review: X-Men 3

First, let me say that I enjoyed it and I think that the director did a fine job and is getting a little too much crap from the fans. It was little heavy on the CGI but still pretty good. I would have liked to see it move a little slower as far as bringing in Colossus, Kitty, Iceman and Beast to the team but since this is the last film...

Also, where the hell was Nightcrawler?

Second, Famke Jannsen is still drop-dead hot and has been ever since she guest starred on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Okay, here's my gripes:

Why would Magneto move the entire Golden Gate Bridge over to Alcatraz (building a bridge to the mainland) when all the people he wants to get to Alcatraz are on the bridge already? If they were all on the shore, providing a bridge would make sense but if you're just looking for something for people to stand on while you fly them over, there has to be something easier than the Golden Gate Bridge! Also, when Magneto drops the bridge on the island it probably drops 10 stories or so. Magneto doesn't drop with it, he flys above it. Fine, that makes sense, but in the next shot we see all the evil mutants standing on the bridge ready to walk off. How did they survive the fall? Shouldn't they be laying all over the ground?

The "Phoenix" storyline has no place in the film. It adds nothing to the story but filler since Jean plays no real role in the Alcatraz attack.

I was happy to see what Rogue did because it would have been bullshit if she had decided to back out on her decision with some, "I gotta be me" speech.

My idea: Remove the "phoenix" storyline completly as well as everyone who died as a result but leave in the de-powering of Rogue and Mystique and Magneto. Since the principal actors have said they will not come back for a fourth film, it wasn't necessary to kill Xavier just because Patrick Stewart is getting old.

Finally, the whole movie I was trying to figure out where I had seen the actor that plays, "Angel" before. It turns out that he's the guy who played the gay boyfriend of Claire on "Six Feet Under." Boy does he look different.

Conversation after watching the trailer for, Ghostrider

"Nicolas Cage used to have a big comics collection when he was a kid and his favorite one was, Ghostrider."
"What? There's nothing on the screen.."
"I'm not bothering anyone."
"You're bothering me."

Friday, June 09, 2006

My office has a view...

In every workplace there is one job that no one wants to do. Maybe it's making copies or going to get lunch for everyone.... well, in the penal system, that job has got to be "cavity search."

Do you think the guy who does the cavity search had that in mind when he choose a career in corrections? Does anyone ever pick that? "Let's see Johnson, you can stand guard in the tower, escort the prisoners to the cafeteria or spend the afternoon looking up people's asses. What's that? Number 3? Okay..."

That's how they sneak drugs into prison. I knew a guy who did drugs while in prison who claimed he was a recreational user. Dude, if you are willing to suck something into your nose that just came out of someone's ass........ YOUR ADDICTED. In fact, that should be the very definition of "addicted." ".... so, have you done drugs at work? Yes? have you ever neglected your family to do drugs? Yes? Would you do drugs that came out of someone's ass? No?? Don't worry, you're fine..."

It's not just drugs they look for, it's weapons. Your first thought might be: You can't hide a very big weapon up your ass. But then, it wouldn't have to be a big weapon. It wouldn't even have to be a very effective weapon. Because he doesn't have to threaten to hurt you with it, he just has to threaten to touch you with it. "Dude, what are you doing back there... hey, whoa...DAMN! What is that... a ballpoint pen? A popsicle stick? .....WHOA! No, here... take the money.... buy some wetnaps..."

Thursday, June 08, 2006


For two nights in a row I've managed to sleep without getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Also, for the last two days I've noticed that Cayman, our dog, has managed to sleep through the night without peeing on the rug by the front door, which leads me to wonder if it's really Cayman that's the problem...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I knew it!

Oct. 15 - Researchers at the University of Illinois say the so-called "5-Second Rule" isn't a myth. They say when you drop food on the floor, it's still safe to eat if you pick it up within five seconds.
That's because it takes at least that long for germs to devour dropped food. Sticky food though, will pick up bacteria faster than dry food.
Researchers say the 5-Second Rule probably only applies to tile and hardwood floors.
Food Science Professor Peter Blaschek said, "I think all bets are off when you're talking about something like carpeting. That's an entirely different story and we haven't done that study yet."
By the way, if you try getting rid of germs on your food by blowing on it or dusting it off, you're wasting your time. It doesn't work.

How not to get laid...

"I only need to lose 10 more pounds on my diet and I'll be done."
"Really.... just 10?"

Random Stuff

I know I haven't been writing much lately and I also know that everyone always writes a post when they're mot posting enough saying how they're aware they're not posting enough and sorry about that. Well, I have a good reason for not posting.

I have cancer.

Not really, although it would be a really great reason. I'd be all, "I have cancer, so suck it!" And you be all, "I'm so sorry that I was bitter!"

Actually, I shouldn't even joke about that because an old radio buddy of mine actually has cancer and we all know it's okay to joke until it happens to you and then suddenly anyone who jokes about it is an insensitive dick. I think about my old friend Hank and wonder how he's doing but he hasn't really given me any details when I've asked about it so I'm trying to respect his privacy.

The truth is, I haven't been writing because my life is in such a routine now that nothing much happens that is different for me to write about. I'm not the only one. All the blogs I link to are in hibernation except for Joanna, who seems to be going through some sort of spiritual crisis because she talks about God more than she talks about her dog (which is a sure sign). I know she's doing okay, though, because at the baby shower last weekend, when Uncle Mac took her picture, she strategically held up her cup to block the Pinata'-sized cold sore she had on her lip. If she was really in distress she wouldn't have preserved her vanity (note to self: If I drank my cocktails out of a 30 gallon garbage can, I could cover my entire body! Explore...) BTW: Kudo's to Uncle Mac for sending out the above picture to the whole family along with the notation.

Last weekend we went to a baby shower for my cousin Clay who has now become the favorite son by knocking up his girlfriend with a male heir.... the only one after our generation. It's not enough that Clay has his doctorate and is a musical genius (seriously, Clay is a keyboard player and arranger who has appeared on 38 albums. We hate Clay.). Unfortunately, Clay's girlfriend got sick a few days before the shower and couldn't come. That didn't stop the whole family from showing up just the same. In fact, more of my family showed up for a shower where there was no pregnant person than showed up for Bobbi's shower when she was pregnant with Sam. I'm sure that says something about my popularity with the family and if you've spent any time reading this blog you can probably see why.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What's really killing us

I annoy a lot of people

One of the ways I annoy people is by dismissing issues that they feel are very important. Anytime someone starts a debate about the "next big thing" that the government is planning to "protect" us, I like to point out just how small and insignificant the "next big thing" is compared to problems that the government ignores. I like to see people get involved.... get worked up over change... it just bugs the shit out of me that they don't get worked up over the big problems.

My favorite is drunk driving. Anytime someone gets all worked up about anything that is killing americans (including terrorists), I like to point out that, in 1997, 16,189 people were killed in alchohol-related crashes... that's 38% of all the auto fatalities that year. Think about that. Four years before 9/11 we lost 16,000 people in one year (the latest year I could find numbers for). If that number has stayed the same, we've lost 80,000 since 9/11. Every year, drunk driving kills the equivalent of five World Trade Centers. All those americans being killed because the government won't mandate breathalyzers in every car. I have to install a pool fence around my pool. I have to put a helmet on my child when she rides a bike. Why don't I have to guarantee I'm not drunk when I drive a car?

Then of course, there's smoking. 440,000 americans killed each year. Drugs are illegal because they're "dangerous" but cigarettes.... hey, smoke em' if you got em'. More deaths are caused each year by tobacco use than by all deaths from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides, and murders combined.

I'm not trying to minumize the trauma of 9/11. I'm just saying that there are 16,000 families going through their own little 9/11 every year because of drunk driving. The only thing the government has done to prevent it is raise the drinking age and stiffer penalties. Imagine if the government said it's plan to fight terrorism was to make terrorist be 3 years older before they enter the country and impose a longer sentence after they kill someone.

Why do we continue to mourn the dead of 9/11 while accepting the millions that have been killed since by alchohol and tobacco. (By the way, don't say, "Cigarette smokers choose to smoke. How many smokers do you know that started smoking after the age of 18?)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Is it wrong that I get annoyed when Bobbi takes a better picture than me?

"What are you thinking about?"

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Let's get married on the beach, it'll be so romantic!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Get a free CD with every record player bought...

After toying with the idea of playing XBOX all the time I finally face the fact that I am a computer gamer. So, I re-built my computer to make it better than it was before.... stronger.... faster... and moved it into the living room/kitchen/dining room. I installed two video cards in an SLI array (geek talk) to get better graphics. The cards came with a special promotion to get a free copy of Ghost Recon. When I installed the game, a window popped up to inform me that the state-of-the-art physics engine used in the game is not supported by my graphics card. That's right, they are giving away a game with their graphics card that is not supported by their graphics card. Brilliant marketing

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Oh yeah... let me see YOU say "no" to this...


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