Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Call 911!

Oh sure, it was bound to happen eventually... but it had to happen on my watch?

Sam was sitting on the foot stool tonight, just a few minutes before bedtime, when she tried to turn around and talk to me and she fell. On to her face. On the hardwood floor.

From the second she lifted her head off the floor I knew this was going to be bad. I could already see the blood starting to come out of her mouth. She got up and came to me crying, I picked her up and she cried and bled on my shirt. I quickly sat her on the kitchen counter, grabbed a rag and held it up to her mouth. There was blood everywhere. On my shirt, on her shirt, on her face... it just seemed like too much. I put some ice in the rag and continued to hold it on her lip. I've got to give her credit, the little trooper, she was crying but she never got hysterical. And she managed to hold still while I held the ice cold rag up to her face to try and stop the bleeding. Soon it was all over... but then the swelling started.

The attached picture is Sam talking on the phone to her mother about 15 minutes after the accident. You want to know what a broken heart feels like? It's the feeling you get when your three year old daughter is bleeding. She's hurt and she's scared and she's looking at you and all you can think about is when you were her age and how it felt and how you looked up your parents and how scared they must have been.

About a half-hour later, Bobbi came home from work. She asked me several times if I thought we should take Sam for stitches but I said no. "It's a busted lip," I said, "I must have done it a dozen times when I was a kid."

Still, it feels a whole lot worse.


Sagnuts said...

As the father of a boy who visited the hospital 7 times before the age of 3, I am right there with you. We were referring to him as "Lil' E.R" for the longest time. Stitches, staples, surgical glue, staph infection lancing and packing and a concussion. After the 2nd trip, the people from CPS come to see you. After the 4th the orderlies know you on a first-name basis. After the 6th trip you realize you are either the worst parent in the world or your child is in for one hell of an unlucky life. Alex is 6 now, gets straight A's and loves to show off his battle scars. But I still feel like sh*t.

1:13 PM  

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